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I see you’re OEM certified for different makes of vehicles but mine isn’t on that list, can you repair my vehicle?2018-10-16T07:50:36+00:00

We repairs all makes and models of vehicles. We are fully qualified through ICAR and other on-going training.

How long does an estimate take?2018-10-16T07:49:24+00:00

An estimate can be very quick; as little as 30 minutes or less or longer, up to an hour. It depends on how much damage there is. If the vehicle is considered not drivable we would recommend leaving the vehicle here.

Do I need to schedule an estimate?2018-10-16T07:48:18+00:00

Yes, here at Yach’s we like to schedule our estimates because you are our number one priority. Just like a doctor our staff is specially trained to assess the vehicle’s damage. This allows us to concentrate on your vehicle which allows for a better, more accurate estimate and one on one customer care.

When do I need to pay my deductible?2018-10-16T07:47:03+00:00

Your deductible is payable to Yach’s Body & Custom, Inc. at the time your vehicle is picked up. Without payment we cannot release the vehicle.

How do I know when my vehicle is done?2018-09-07T05:46:32+00:00

Someone from Yach’s Body & Custom, Inc will call to let you know your shop is completed and it is ready for pick up.

What happens if you find additional damage once it’s in the shop? Will my car be there longer?2018-09-07T05:46:14+00:00

We will write up the additional cost and contact you along with your insurance company. Depending on what else needs to be done your vehicle might need to be in the shop longer or it might still be on track for the anticipated completion date.

Do you warranty your work?2018-09-07T05:45:09+00:00

We have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. What that means is for as long as your own your vehicle we stand behind our workmanship and paint. If you have an issue it’s your responsibility to let us know at first sight and keep your final paperwork that was given to you at the time of pickup. We will then take a close look at the issue you are having.

Do you use genuine OEM parts? What if I want all genuine OEM parts?2018-09-07T05:44:47+00:00

We do our best to use all genuine OEM parts. Some insurance policies will make you look for other parts first, but if they are not OEM you can always pay the difference. It’s good to note that sometimes aftermarket parts have a longer warranty then OEM.

Do you provide another vehicle to use when mine is getting repairs done?2018-09-07T05:44:38+00:00

If you have rental car coverage we will set up a vehicle through your insurance company. If you do not have rental car coverage, Yach’s will help set up alternative transportation, whether through the shop’s vehicles or through another company like Enterprise.

Do you report my accident to services like Carfax?2018-09-07T05:44:05+00:00

We do not report your accident but typically when an insurance claim is filed, it is reported to services like Carfax.

Do you work directly with my insurance company.2018-09-07T05:43:41+00:00

We are a direct repair shop with numerous insurance companies, so chances are yes. If not, we will help you take the steps to get your estimate approved for repairs.

Do I need to call my insurance company?2018-09-07T05:41:42+00:00

If you’d like to submit a claim you will need to call your insurance company, they will ask you specific questions regarding the incident to get you set up.

How long will my vehicle be in the shop for?2018-09-07T05:40:27+00:00

It varies depending on how much damage there is; but rest assured we will get it back to you as soon as we can.

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